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Sleep Soundly provides discreet, rapid and effective bed bug elimination

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Bed bugs are a big problem in Indiana. They spread easily and multiply rapidly. But Sleep Soundly Home Pest Solutions offers you the rapid, proven bed bug elimination you desperately want.

We arrive discreetly and eliminate bed bugs effectively. Bed bugs can survive chemicals (especially the eggs) and they can even survive a year without feeding. But they can't handle high temperatures, so we bring the heat!

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Everything you wish you didn't need to know about bed bugs

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Bed bugs are nocturnal, like the dark, prefer soft surfaces, and only feed on humans. They can last a year without eating.

Bed bugs do not discriminate. They can be picked up anywhere -- school, work, movie theater, restaurant, church, even medical facilities -- and then be transported and dropped into a new location like your home. Having a bed bug infestation does not mean you are "dirty" or irresponsible.

The three stages of a bed bug's life cycle are egg, nymph and adult. Adults are about the size and shape of an apple seed and expand with blood after feeding. Bed bug bites leave a signature pattern of welts in rows or arches. Their number can double in about 3 weeks.


No chemical will kill bed bug eggs. That's why (unfortunately) there are a lot of gimmick products that only waste your money and pollute your home when trying to get rid of these pests.

But there is good news: Bed bugs can not survive concentrated heat, including those hard to kill eggs.


Sleep Soundly applies heat with special equipment and strategies to reach every bed bug hideout and kill them -- safely and effectively.

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Sleep Soundly brings the heat

to safely and effectively eradicate bed bugs from your home

118 degrees is the fatal temperature for bed bugs and their eggs. At Sleep Soundly, we apply heat to affected areas and don't stop until we reach the desired, safe temperature -- killing live bugs, nymphs and unhatched eggs.


And we deliver that heat to every place bed bugs live, hide and reproduce. We make their entire habitat unsurvivable.

Because heat rises, the Sleep Soundly process ensures that the lowest and farthest corners of your home reach the killing temperature and beyond. We do not take shortcuts.


Our goal is 100% bed bug eradication, and we guarantee it.


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